Pikes Peak Near Denver, Colorado

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Guests of our all-suites hotel near Denver, Colorado are conveniently positioned less than an hour from spectacular Pikes Peak, one of the most visited sights in the Colorado region.

Visiting Pikes Peak. For travelers to the Denver, Colorado area, there’s no spot more breathtaking than Pikes Peak. The most visited mountain in North America and the second-most visited mountain in the world, Pikes Peak is set behind the town of Colorado Springs at an altitude of 14,110 feet above sea level.

History of Pikes Peak. The farthest east of the large peaks in the Rocky Mountain chain, Pikes Peak is famous as the symbol of the 1859 Gold Rush to Colorado, when explorers and miners coined the slogan, "Pikes Peak or Bust." The mountain is carved from molten rock located some 20 miles below the earth’s surface. Huge glaciers gouged out the rocks and u-shaped canyons creating the mountain that we now recognize as Pikes Peak.

Getting To Pikes Peak Summit. More than a half million people reach the summit house at the top of Pikes Peak every year by driving the 19-mile Pikes Peak Highway, hiking the Barr Trail, or riding the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, an 8.9 mile railroad opened in 2007.

The challenging 13-mile Barr Trail takes hikers from base to summit, climbing 7,400 feet in elevation along the way.

Information and Details About Pikes Peak.The toll road to the top of Pikes Peak currently charges $10 per adult and $5 per child, or $35 per car. There is a restaurant on site, as well as a gift shop. The summit is handicapped accessible and pets are allowed on leash, except in the reservoir areas.